Meet Odoo 17

Everything you need to know about Odoo's most anticipated major release in over 5 years.
December 5, 2023 by
Meet Odoo 17
Elmar Hardenack

As the highlight of the three-day Odoo Experience 2023 Odoo launched Odoo 17, the newest and highly anticipated version of its powerful all-in-one business management software. More than 15.000 professionals, customers and enthusiasts on-site and tens of thousands online were excited to discover

 a major UI and code overhaul

 the integration of AI with ChatGPT

 the introduction of predefined industry libraries 

  the integration of Whatsapp

and many more new and enhanced apps and functionalities, making Odoo 17 the biggest major release since at least Odoo 11 in 2017.


a full makeover, please.

Odoo has been completely redesigned, aiming to provide you with an even cleaner, more organized and intuitive, and thus faster experience navigating through Odoo and accomplishing your daily tasks.

  • new milk theme design and a revamped dark mode to be easier on your eyes without compromising any usability
  • arrange your apps individually in the app drawer using drag & drop to find and access your most used apps more quickly
  • navigate easier in desktop and mobile mode thanks to improved shortcuts for keyboard and Odoo PWA
  • customize your views quicker with the unified search view, and scroll through lists with fixed headers

...and much more.

By optimizing and reducing the code base by 20-30%, you now benefit from a 50% faster startup and loading time. Also, thanks to a new API protocol, the number of data calls needed is reduced by about 60%.

hello, AI.

Odoo 17 integrates and leverages the power of ChatGPT across all apps, allowing you to create and transform content with AI in any html field in Odoo backend and frontend. ChatGPT understands and responds to your queries, provides recommendations and assists you with various tasks, like adding articles in your knowledge app, auto-creating and optimizing your customer approach on your website and in your marketing campaigns, writing blogs, creating meeting minutes and to-dos, and generally helps you act faster and more focused.

libraries are back in fashion.

With the introduction of pre-configured, industry-tailored data modules ("industry libraries"), Odoo gives your business a head start in setting up your operations by proposing best practice apps, features, work flows, and demo data specific to your industry. This saves time and money in implementing and optimizing Odoo to meet your industry-specific requirements, and allows you to focus more on your core business and achieve faster time-to-value.

finally, Whatsapp has arrived.

One of the most awaited new features is the deep integration of Whatsapp. Basically everything you can send by email from a chatter can be sent with Whatsapp too: quotations, order confirmations, delivery slips, invoices, etc., giving your internal and external communication an additional, modern touch.

 Odoo Experience 2023 - Opening Keynote: Unveiling Odoo 17

 Meet Odoo 17: All the New Features

Detailed Breakdown

Marketing & Website
 SalesSupply ChainServicesHRFinanceProductivity

This is the only breakdown you will ever need, covering all "What's New in ... ?" and "Discover the New ... Application!" videos for Odoo 17.

Feel free to just browse or to scroll to the highlights and apps that interest you the most.

Marketing & Website

New AppsCRMWebsiteeCommerce

 new website scraper to transform your current website into an Odoo website, without manual migration via redesigning and copy-pasting

New Apps

  • brandnew Whatsapp integration for improved customer communication


  • improved automatic lead generation from filtered information across all apps (e.g. lead creation from event attendees)
  • easier workflow automation: automation rules configurable direcly from kanban stage, out-of-the-box marketing automation templates (e.g. double-opt-in)
  • option to add multiple email domains for a cleaner communication
  • preview and customization of newsletter unsubscribe page

​ Website

  • new website scraper to transform your current website into an Odoo website without manual migration via redesigning and copy-pasting
  • enhanced website building blocks, page templates, header and footer designs, shape libraries, and more
  • substantial redesigns in the Online Portal, eCommerce, Online Forum, and the Events and Appointments booking process
  • improved website's loading times and SEO ranking thanks to all website images being automatically compressed to WebP format


  • product display: detailed, formatable product descriptions; informative, searchable product labels, displayed as tags or images; display of product variant colors with images; product images per product variant; downloadable product documents
  • faster, smarter, redesigned checkout and payment process
  • independent configuration options for B2B and B2C websites

​ Discover the New Whatsapp Application!

 What's New in Marketing?

 What's New in Website?

 What's New in eCommerce?


New AppsPoint-of-SaleSalesInvoicing

 smarten up your offer with a PDF quotation builder, showcasing your company and products with various information and design elements

New Apps

  • new Kitchen Floor app for restaurants, allowing your staff to process the orders with a dedicated kitchen display


  • fully redesigned Point-of-Sale
  • PoS for restaurants: full experience, from booking tables online, ordering and paying by scanning a QR code or using a self-service kiosk, to preparing the orders with Kitchen Floor
  • PoS for retailers: electronic shelf labels; share orders with other desks; faster return process; improved payments by QR code, tap-to-pay and terminals; virtual IoT


  • product catalog to add products to a quotation quicker and easier, especially on tablets and mobiles
  • easily apply a global discount via the new discount wizard
  • smarten up your offer with a PDF quotation builder, showcasing your company and products with various information and design elements
  • option to allow order confirmation online by down payment in the revamped customer portal

​ Invoicing

  • consolidate your invoices into one with just a click (this comes in handy especially when your customers have multiple subscriptions with recurring invoices running at the same time)
  • revised payment methods, configured in payment method groups and post-processed immediately

 Streamline Food and Goods Presentation with Odoo Kitchen Display

 What's New in PoS Restaurants?

 What's New in PoS Retailers?

 What's New in Sales & Payment?

Supply Chain

New AppsManufacturingInventoryBarcodeQualityPurchase

 new Shop Floor app for your work center operators: manufacturing orders and work orders are displayed, managed and processed efficiently both in desktop and tablet mode, of course fully integrated into Manufacturing, Inventory, Quality and PLM

New Apps

  • new Shop Floor (see above)


  • new manufacturing overview with multi-level breakdown of status, quantities, estimated availability and direct replenishment, and cost
  • cost controlling: real-time updates of estimated cost of production during running manufacturing order; assign your work orders to employees to track and add their individual labor cost to the cost of production; analytic distribution per manufacturing order
  • instantly generate a new or improved BoM "on the fly" from a done manufacturing order


  • inventory management: simplified relocating by click or drag & drop; a new removal strategy to pick (from) as few packages as possible; route selection by shipping method
  • alternative inventory routes to deviate from original planning
  • option to activate full inventory integration for rental orders: inventory routes, flow and reporting; rent kit products; quality management and maintenance
  • automatic printing of shipping documents (delivery slips, labels)


  • manual scans, error bips, package splitting; flexible scanning despite reservations
  • scan component consumption in production (e.g. for simple assembly)


  • improved quality checks with passing/failing of partial quantities and quick moving of bad goods to different scrap or quarantine locations
  • direct replenishment of scrapped quantities


  • apply purchase discounts on vendor pricelists and single purchase orders
  • option to easily replenish all selected replenishment suggestions
  • product catalog for easier and quicker product selection on RfQs

 Shop Floor Overview | Odoo Shop Floor

 Process an MO | Odoo Shop Floor

 What's New in MRP?

 What's New in Inventory?

 What's New in Rental?


Subscriptions​ProjectTimesheets Repair

 "shipping subscription" for storable products with automatic recurring deliveries


  • overview: new list view replacing old kanban view; dedicated subscription status replacing old kanban status
  • quoting: merging of quotation templates and subscription plans; easy cancellation and reset to draft; option to create alternative nenewal quotations
  • invoicing: down payments for subscriptions; consolidated invoicing for multiple subscriptions; manual creation of first invoice after order confirmation
  • "shipping subscription" for storable products with automatic recurring deliveries
  • online customer self-service to manage their subscriptions
  • deeper integration into Project app to perform services on recurring tasks


  • faster and more flexible creation of sale orders and projects from each other
  • improved project updates for a better 360 degree overview
  • management of multi-company projects
  • task management: predefined kanban stage templates; additional kanban states; automatic change of kanban state based on task dependencies; automatic creation of new iterations of recurring tasks; overview and management of subtasks from the parent task kanban


  • timesheet leader board for employee targets (planned vs actual hours, % achieved)
  • display of overtime and minus hours based on the contractual working hours


  • sales integration: configuration of repair services creating a repair order on order confirmation; parts used in the repair are added to the sales order for invoicing
  • inventory integration: repair order as a full inventory transfer with stock moves and reservations for parts and product to repair; option to create a repair directly from an inbound shipment, e.g. a return.
  • new repair option to recycle parts

 What's New in Subscription?

 What's New in Project?

 Boosting Productivity: Efficiently Managing the Repair Process with Odoo


RecruitmentEmployeesAppraisalsTime OffAttendancesPayroll

 substantial redesign of Attendances app


  • skills management: out-of-the-box, configureable skills library; OCR CV parsing for skills
  • offer management with validity periods, communication and full traceability via chatter, automated processes and reporting capabilities
  • improved online application form


  • new work locations set and displayed on employees and in the calendar (e.g. office and home office)
  • new, visual organization chart view for employees and departments
  • generate resumees  based on employee information


  • creation of cross-team appraisal requests
  • better visibility and manageability: visible, configurable email templates; more detailed, configureable and visible appraisal planning and processing

 Time Off

  • improved plans for accrued time offs
  • enhanced dashboard and overview, allocation, filters, notificiations


  • substantial redesign: check in and out from anywhere in Odoo; new app home screen, better overview of attendances, e.g. conspicuous ones, and overtime hours
  • options to log localisation, IP and browser
  • refined access rights management


  • improved payment method options
  • improved reporting: by employee, conflicting entries, overtime hours
  • enhanced integration into Documents app
  • localisation packages, e.g. for Switzerland (available) and Germany (in development)

 What's New in Odoo Human Resource?



 Odoo is now a peppol access point, without any extra cost


  • split invoice PDFs from one email to auto-create multiple draft bills
  • define journals and journal actions on document actions
  • new keyboard shortcuts for faster processing


  • Odoo is now a peppol access point, without any extra cost
  • e-invoice format selection by individual customer
  • multiple VAT capability for down payments
  • individual credit limits and days sales outstanding (DSO)


  • bank synchronisation: easier connection refresh; refetch missing bank transcations, automatic scam protection checks, with approval based on individual user rights; reintroduction of revised bank statements directly integrated in the reconcilation view and process; new payments widget on invoice line level
  • redesigned deferrals: automatic entries based on start and end date, created on invoice validation or in bulk, e.g. on closing a period
  • refurbished accounting reports: improved design; combine financial reports and export in a bundle; create, save and apply favorite filters across all reports
  • brandnew branch management with shared accounting, but individual reporting and invoicing layout
  • redesigned reconciliation:: new view replacing old widget; reconcile between accounts without (manual) intermediate bookings; auto-reconcile all entries on a single account
  • refined analytic reporting across analytic dimensions

 What's New in Accounting?


New AppsDiscussKnowledgeDashboardsStudio

 full integration of ChatGPT in all apps

New Apps

  • new To-Do app, replacing the old Notes app, to prepare thoughts, meeting minutes, etc. and convert them into project tasks
  • new Meeting Rooms app, linking rooms to appointments, including a tablet mode to display the avaibability and book a room from the frontend
  • new Frontdesk app for reception management, including a tablet mode to (self-)manage it from the frontend


  • automatic translation of chatter messages (e.g. incoming emails)
  • voice messages
  • full-text search in all discussions and chatters
  • integration with SMS, Whatsapp and website chat


  • article version history tracking
  • mark and comment article parts
  • article template engine incl. default templates
  • create individual "databases" with Odoo's properties
  • full integration of ChatGPT


  • new assignment: choose the order between time & resource
  • book and pay appointments online
  • automatically cancel appointments based on time offs (e.g. sick time off)

 Spreadsheet | Dashboards

  • reduced gap to other spreadsheet providers
  • increased integration with Odoo data
  • improved and simplified usability


  • easier automation management with automation rules visible and configurable directly from kanban views
  • detailed, multi-level approval flows
  • reshaped PDF editor for quicker and easier customization of PDF reports
  • integration of standard and custom objects into Odoo Website

...and many more small improvements increasing your everyday productivity!

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