Complement our services with our turnkey solutions for general Odoo improvements, accounting, specific industries and regions.



transparent and approved.

We regularly screen and develop standardized extensions, complementing and adding to Odoo's Enterprise Apps. These range from small, generic "helpers" to complex department- and industry-specific sets of apps.

If we didn't develop the solution ourselves, we transparently communicate the author or creator and the price, as we don't take credit or a surcharge for someone else's work.


we identify weak spots in Odoo


we screen the current app market


if needed, we develop ourselves


we quality check and approve


we recommend and implement


applicable out-of-the-box.

a selection of our apps

OCA Apps

The Odoo Community Association (OCA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support the collaborative development of Odoo features and promote its widespread use.


German Accounting

  • DATEV export and import
  • ELSTER integration
  • GOBD compliance and compliant export
  • Group accounting and financial consolidation
  • and more...

Denmark Package

  • Automatic bank statement loading and bank payments
  • Automatic loading of vendor bills with Paperflow
  • Expense management with Acubiz
  • FlexFone integration
  • EDI invoices
  • Shipping packages with Consignor
  • and more...

Aphora Apps


We regularly screen and develop standardized extensions, complementing and adding to the constantly growing possibilities of Odoo's Enterprise Apps.

The apps range from small, generic "helpers" to complex department- and industry-specific sets of apps. Each app we recommend will either be developed or approved by us.

In addition to or own, we rely on the suite of apps developed in our partner network, by the Odoo Community Association  (OCA) and the Odoo Community in general. We always communicate the author or creator and the price, as we don't take credit for someone else's work or any surcharge.



We always aim to show and emphasize already existing solutions that meet your demands.

Thus, for a customization, a set of high criteria needs to be met:

  • there is no Odoo Standard solution,
  • no or no practical workaround in Odoo Standard,
  • no Aphora App,
  • your processes can't be adapted to fit the former,
  • and there's a positive return on investment.

To mitigate the investment, maintenance and upgrade cost, we stay close to the Odoo Standard, i.e.

  • customize only to an extent that is required,
  • adapt and transfer Odoo Standard features, also keeping the overall look and feel,
  • and may collaborate directly with developers from Odoo S.A.
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Based on experience, the best hosting option for 90% of our clients is Odoo.sh  , a service offered by Odoo S.A., optimized for Odoo and fully integrated into GitHub . As your Odoo Partner, we take care of the administration, without contractually or actually binding you to us.

Of course, we also assist you in the setup and maintenance of your own servers on-premise or on demand provide a hosting service on servers based in the DACH region, especially to meet very high security standards.


Startups and micro-enterprises working 100% with the Odoo Standard may also start on the free Odoo Online Cloud and move to another option later.

Accounting (DACH)

Odoo already offers a variety of features, e.g.:

  • SKR03 and SKR04 chart of accounts, DIN5008 invoice template, DATEV-compatible exports, early payment discounts,
  • Swiss QR Invoice, CAMT53 bankimport and cash roundings,
  • local taxes, automatic tax and account mapping for international transactions, local reports, e.g. balance sheets and income statements,
  • OCI and machine learning, automatic bank synchronization and reconciliation.

Additionally, we resort to approved Accounting Apps for localization and internationalization, e.g. a GOBD certification, ELSTER interface, CAMT54 bankimport or Group Accounting.

Startup SME

To benefit from the full power of Odoo's financial reporting without having to worry about the operative Accounting, we collaborate with trained bookkeepers and tax consultants to offer "Accounting as a Service": an Odoo-certified bookkeeper operates directly in Odoo and forwards your data prepared to a tax consultant of your choice.

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Funding (DE)

We support you in applying for the following fundings:


The BMWK program "go-digital"  is aimed at companies with less than 100 employees and funds consulting and IT services up to a maximum of € 16.500.


"Digital Jetzt"  is a BMWK program for digitization projects of companies with 3-499 employees. The funding, which can be approved up to € 50.000 or € 100.000, is allocated in a monthly lottery.


The KfW-Gründerkredit "StartGeld"  is a public-sector loan to support business startups, offering up to € 125.000 per founder.