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Odoo Certifications 11 to 17
Zueko Logo


For more than 30 years, ZÜKO has been a reseller and lessor of top-class utility vehicles and equipment (e.g. from Zamboni, WM, Hansa, Egholm) for road, green area and winter maintenance as well as waste desposals. In addition, ZÜKO offers standardized and individual modification, repair and maintenance services for any kinds of utility vehicles.

Size: 10-49 users | Locations: 2 | Countries: DE, CH

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Rental, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Project, Field Service, Invoicing, Accounting, Attendances, Time Off


Aquafides Logo


Aquafides is a manufacturer of and service provider for standardized and individual water treatment systems. Their UV disinfection systems for municipal water supply are certified according to leading European standards for 1-400 m³/h flow rates, meeting the highest of quality standards.

Size: 10-49 users | Locations: 3 | Countries: DE, AT, CH

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Rental, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Helpdesk, Field Service, Repair, Invoicing, Accounting


Gutermann Logo

Gutermann Group

Gutermann is a global technology leader in intelligent water loss technologies and manufactures conventional leak detection equipment as well as leading systems for the permanent leak monitoring of water supply networks.

Size: 50-99 users | Locations: 6 | Countries: DE, CH, FR, UK, US, AU

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Rental, Subscriptions, Inventory, Manufacturing, PLM, Purchase, Helpdesk, Repairs, Invoicing, Accounting, Time Off, Fleet


Unbound Potential Logo

Unbound Potential GmbH

UP is an aspiring startup that won two rounds of financing (0.9 M € and 3 M €) by the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation (SPRIND) for its innovative solutions for long-term energy storage based on a novel membrane-less redox flow battery technology. 

Size: 10-49 users | Locations: 1 | Countries: CH

Main Apps: Website, CRM, Project, Timesheets, Invoicing, Accounting, Expenses, Recruitment, Attendances, Time-Off, Payroll, Documents, Knowledge


Kaja Food Logo

Kaja Food GmbH

Kaja Food is a contract manufacturer of functional and innovative foods, particularly dry mixes and snacks. Their strengths lie in a certified quality management (FSSC 22000), full-service offerings from product development to end product, a wide range of products and packaging options, as well as the production of specialty and trend products.

Size: 10-49 users | Locations: 1 | Countries: DE

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Barcode, Manufacturing, Quality, PLM, Purchase, Invoicing, Accounting


Schulze-Brakel Logo

Schulze-Brakel GmbH

Schulze-Brakel is the world's leading manufacturer of sound enhance solutions such as customized windscreens for radio, TV, sports and special events. premium DeadCat, ear pads and earphones. Thanks to a strong focus on highest product quality, first-class customer service and short lead times, their OEM windscreen "Schulz" has become the epitome and first choice for all leading microphone manufacturers.

Size: 10-49 users | Locations: 1 | Countries: DE

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Quality, Purchase, Invoicing, Accounting


Tigres Logo

Tigres GmbH

Tigres has been one of the leading manufacturers of atmospheric pressure plasma systems since 1993. Their innovative solutions for the activation, ultra-fine cleaning and coating of surfaces are used in various industries worldwide, such as automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, household appliances, printing, textiles and packaging. As a PAG member, Tigres is the only supplier that can offer both atmospheric and low-pressure plasma as well as a wide range of gas pre-treatment solutions.

Size: 10-49 users | Locations: 1 | Countries: DE

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Barcode, Manufacturing, Quality, PLM, Purchase, Project, Timesheets, Helpdesk, Repair, Invoicing


Datac Logo

DATAC Accounting

Since 1981, the DATAC AG has grown to become one of the most powerful software providers for accounting firms on the market. Today, the DATAC AG runs the largest franchise system for self-employed bookkeepers in the entire DACH region. The office of Dirk Willmes provides services in financial and payroll accounting, acts as intermediary towards tax consultants and authorities and supports in preparing financial statements.

Size: 1-9 users | Locations: 1 | Countries: DE

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Subscriptions, Invoicing, Accounting


LabNat Logo

Laboratoire Naturel S.A.

LabNat is a contract manufacturer of wet wipes, other personal care products and spunlace of the highest quality. Over the last 25 years, they have developed hundreds of private label products for over 82 international brands. In addition, LabNat launched their own brand Edelbloom, offering skincare products for babies and children.

Size: 10-49 users | Locations: 3 | Countries: CH, NL, RU

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Invoicing, Accounting


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Inno Logo

INNO Instrument Group

INNO is a global, leading manufacturer, supplier, and provider of essential products and services encompassing the fiber optic industry. Their solutions in regards to Fiber-to-the-x (FTTx), Optical Netwok Cabling and Radio-over-Fiber (RF) optimize operational processes such as installation, maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Size: 50-99 users | Locations: 7 | Countries: DE, UK, US, KR, IN, MY, ID

Main Apps: CRM, Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchase, Invoicing, Accounting


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