Aphora and DATAC join forces.

Together, we drive innovation for your digital accounting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
December 20, 2023 by
Aphora and DATAC join forces.
Elmar Hardenack

The DATAC Accounting Office Dirk Willmes and Aphora agreed to become strategic partners in November 2023. Together, we will bridge gaps and drive innovation with Odoo for local accounting, controlling & taxation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In a first step, we are happy to add "Accounting as a Service" to our portfolio:

 We at Aphora as your full-service Odoo Partner implement Odoo, integrate DATAC at the software level, and offer ongoing support.

 DATAC as our Finance Partner configures and runs your accounting in your Odoo instance and sends your data to a tax consultant on their hand or of your choice.


high-value and approved.

Since 1981, the DATAC software has grown to become one of the most powerful programs for accounting firms on the market. Today, the DATAC AG runs the largest franchise system for self-employed bookkeepers in the entire DACH region.

I have been working in a lot of accounting systems. Straight to the point, Odoo Accounting is the new way of keeping your books.

Dirk Willmes • DATAC

We specifically collaborate with the DATAC Accounting Office Dirk Willmes, having the following merits:

 9.5 years of operative experience in accounting and controlling

 official Odoo Finance Partner with 2.5 years of first-hand experience in Odoo Accounting consulting

 we know the owner personally and have been successfully working with him for over 2 years



part of a modern ERP.



Tax Firm

1. We implement the Odoo app suite as your ERP solution, including the fully integrated Odoo Accounting. This enables you to standardize and automate your accounting processes and to make informed decisions based on real-time data, analysis and reporting.


2. The DATAC Accounting Office configures and runs your operative accounting directly in your Odoo instance, making sure, everything runs smoothly, legally correct and in accordance with your tax consultancy.

3. Our DATAC connector exports your journal entries and related documents ready for import into DATAC as well as DATEV. Thus you are completely free to choose your own tax consultant or to ask for one from the DATAC network.

Together, we offer a complete accounting service with Odoo that is rarely, if ever, available in this form in the DACH countries.

Elmar Hardenack • Aphora


innovate together.

In bringing together local accounting excellence, a modern ERP and the personal experience, we will develop more innovative solutions improving your digital accounting experience. To foster this, we will continue to grow closer together and pursue a joint strategic HR management in the accounting area.